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Cryotherapy is well known by sportsmen and women for its benefits during training as well as its role in helping recovery after injuries and trauma. It also helps athletes to stay in shape as well as improving their recovery and boosting their performance.
Full Body Cryotherapy has been used for years by sport teams for physical and mental preparation before competitions, and has also been adopted by some professional athletes like Cristiano Ronaldo.

We have now made this innovative therapy available for all sports men and women, residents or visitors in Serre Chevalier-Briancon and the surrounding area.

before an event
boost oxygen levels
after sport
post match
stay in shape
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Ice Experience®

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Sports preparation and performance

Whole Body Cryotherapy, improves muscular performance and oxygen levels by increasing oxygen and enzyme levels in the blood. It also ensures optimum performance through an enhanced blood flow .


Thanks to improved blood flow as well as an anti-inflammatory impact, Cryotherapy enables a faster and more complete recovery. It enables sports people to avoid injuries by acting on the three underlying causes of muscle damage: blood pooling, micro-traumas, and muscle acidosis. Creatine Kinase, an indicator of muscular micro-trauma, is reduced significantly by Cryotherapy.

Sports Injuries

Cryotherapy reduces inflammatory cytokines and increases anti-inflammatory cytokines. This shows that Cryotherapy improves tissue repair and boosts recovery. It is therefore not surprising that Cryotherapy is known for its positive impact on post-surgical swelling, ligament sprains, muscle injuries and tendinitis.


Ice Experience®
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