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Whole Body Cryotherapy

Go Cryo, the first Cryotherapy centre in the Serre Chevalier-Briancon area, was established by Leo Meyer, an Osteopath with 20 years experience. Our team of health professionals are on hand to enable both sports people and the general public to benefit from this powerful and innovative therapy. Using the latest technology, our electric cabin goes down to -100°C allowing you to experience the amazing benefits of Cryotherapy in complete safety.

Cryotherapy, long used by top athletes, is well known for its effectiveness in the fields of sports, health and well-being and is increasingly recognised by the medical profession for it’s anti-inflammatory, circulatory and healing properties. Following extensive research, we have installed an electric chamber, which as opposed to liquid nitrogen Cryo Saunas enables whole body immersion.

Léo Meyer’s interview (D!CI TV 02/09/18))

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